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An exploration of the many recent sightings of unidentified triangle shaped craft.  Including Witness Reports


An investigation of an unidentified triangular UFO seen over WI and other locations.

The craft depicted above was sighted in Wisconsin on September 3rd.1997.  Further investigation reveals that there have been many sightings of triangular UFOs with the same "neon-Like" lighting.

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Listen to Triangular UFO Reports form the 70's!

Sightings of triangular UFOs from the 1970's received at the National UFO Reporting Center then headed by Robert Gribble .   A special thanks to Wendy Connors for permission to post these audio files.  

12/06/1977  CIA Pilot Between Tokyo

and Hawaii at 60,000 Ft

Naval Intelligence pilot flying reconnaissance for CIA, encounters a large triangular craft that paces his F4-11 Phantom for approximately a half-hour.

A pilot in Louisville, KY had a very similar

sighting about a month later.   He describes

the same "neon-like" lighting along the edge of the craft.

More sightings of triangular craft with witnesses describing the same type of lighting along the edges.

09/27/1975   Seattle, WA

Silent triangular craft with pale blue lights around edges.

The above audio reports are part of the CD "1974-1977 Audio Case Reports of the National UFO Reporting Center".    


Triangle sightings

from the 1940's


A 1949 Sighting report from Project Sign.  Looks strikingly similar to the 1997 Phoenix Lights mass sighting incident.

Is Earth being visited?

Are these secret Military craft?

image credit: Earth form space: NASA          R1108A


1948 Project Sign.

A "lighted triangle" with a "row of lights" running down the edge of each side.