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A pilot in Kentucky describes a craft

very similar to the Wisconsin sighting

This is a very significant report since the exact same, faint "strips" of  "neon-like" lighting are described around the edges of the craft.  Taken together, these two single witness sightings corroborate each other.


* Another item of note is that both the 9/3/97 Wisconsin sighting and the 9/29/97 Kentucky sighting occurred within 3 days of a new moon.   This may suggest that the craft was flying under the cover of darkness attempting to avoid any visible detection.

Louisville, KY, at 2030 hrs. (EDT) on Monday, September 29, 1997

A commercial pilot reported witnessing a very large object pass directly overhead of his position near the Louisville, KY, airport at 2030 hrs. (EDT).  The object was flying from east to west, ”parallel to Highway 264,“ and it appeared to block out the stars as it passed overhead.  The observer’s impression was that the object was very large,  ”at mid-altitude, perhaps 15,000 feet,“ and flying at an estimated velocity of 300 knots. It passed from directly overhead to the horizon in approximately 10-15 seconds.   

The pilot reported that the object ”looked like the bridge of the (Starship) Enterprise.“  (Ed. Note: Like a large, flat plate, or disc.)  It had very faint lights around the front ”one third“ of the object, and there were faint ”strips“ of ”neon-like“ illumination around its edges.  The aft portion of the object appeared to be ”squared off,“ or perhaps ”elongate.“    

The pilot reported that he telephoned FAA personnel at the Louisville, KY, who reported that nothing had been detected on radar.  He also telephoned a local television station (Channel 11), which reported that they had received one other report prior to the pilot’s call.  The individual at the station reported to the pilot that the station considered it very unusual to receive two such reports in one evening.

From the National UFO Reporting Center