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Various sightings  similar to the Wisconsin sighting

The sightings below were selected due to the witness reports of the particular type of lighting seen on the sides of the craft.  Although there are some small differences, they all describe the same "strips of light" with a  "florescent" or "neon" glow.  

September 21, 1998  Atlanta, GA

The  witness and her husband were driving north on 92 Highway and saw a triangle with rounded edges.  It was a large dark triangular shaped object with steady green lights and was larger than a baseball held at arms length.

Source:  Filer's Files #39

6/15/1998 New Haven, KY 22:00

It was a triangular shaped vessel that gave off a light blue light. It was night so I couldn't tell much more.  I was out in a tent and I looked out a window and saw a blue triangle of light. It stayed there for about an hour and then it flew off fairly quickly to the south. 

Source: The National UFO Reporting Center


7/3/1997 Lexington, KY 22:30

I saw a triangular aircraft moving slowly and noiselessly East to West.

On the evening of 3 JUL 97, I was taking out the trash. I walked basically south from the back of my home and placed the trash in the herbie. When I turned around, facing north, I could see a triangular shaped craft moving slowly east to west. I was able to tell its shape by the way it blacked out the starfield in the sky. It had a row of soft green dashes down the forward two edges, three on each edge. It appeared to pass in front of the house, but I was unable to get a sense of depth, so I could'nt tell if it was a large craft far away or a small one close. There is an airport about five miles from where I live, so we're used to aircraft noise. There was no noise that I could hear, not even that soft blowing sound of a high flying jet. It moved slowly westward until it disappeared behind the treeline. 

Source: The National UFO Reporting Center

August 10, 1994  Oakville, Washington

A very large dark charcoal gray triangular craft "floating" over our neighbors house. I say floating because it appeared to be flying slower than the stall speed of a conventional aircraft. It made absolutely no sound. The most anomalous feature of the craft was that it glowed all around the periphery a yellowish, green neon-like glow. There were contoured areas present and small rectangular "windows" from which emanated a soft diffused yellow light. The undercarriage appeared as though it had been molded.  The craft was approximately 80 ft by 100 ft. It was at an altitude of about 500 feet. It traveled in the direction of it's point due east and parallel to State Route 12 west.

Source: Filer's Files #32

Some time around 1980   Ontario, Canada

I had experienced a similar sighting about 20 years ago, and would like to

relate it to you.  I was about 8 to 10 years old at the time, and living in a small town in Ontario, Canada.  Myself and two friends were playing outside just before dusk, and saw in the sky what looked like a triangle made of neon-florescent lights (blue or blue-green).  When we noticed it, it was almost, but not directly above us, and slowed down to almost a stop.  It seemed smaller than a fullsized airliner, and at a fairly low altitude.  At all times, we could hear no noise that would be coming from the object.  It soon appeared to "unfold" into a diamond shape and then sped off, much faster than a commercial jet.

Source: Witness Report

September 3 1965  Damon, Texas 23:00hrs

Witnesses: Brazoria County Chief Sheriff's Deputy Billy McCoy and Deputy Robert Goode. One triangular object, 150-200' long, 40-50' thick at middle and dark grey, with a long, bright, pulsing, purple light on the right side and a long blue light on the left side. Came from distance to 150' off highway and 100' in the air. Purple light illuminated ground beneath object and interior of police car. Driver felt heat on his left arm. Initial sighting lasted 5-10 minutes. Second sighting occurred later that night.


Sept 14 1952 - North Atlantic, between Ireland and Iceland.

Witnesses: military personnel from several countries aboard ships in the NATO "Operation Mainbrace" exercise. Among the sightings: one blue-green triangle was observed flying 1,500 m.p.h; three objects in a triangular formation gave off white light exhaust at 1,500 m.p.h.

Source: Project Blue Book