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Where do they come from?

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                       NASA / Hubble image

The Wisconsin sighting of 9/3/97, along with many others, remains unidentified.  What we can conclude is that there have been many similar craft sighted by some very reliable witnesses.

Something mysterious out there is traveling the night skies over populated areas.  It does not look like any known commercial or military aircraft.  It displays flight characteristics that appear to be beyond our present day technology.   Multiple witnesses have described it as: silent, amazingly fast with the ability to hover or fly "slower than the stall speed of a conventional aircraft."  The investigation continues.

Next installment to include: Theories on the origin of the triangle craft.  A global phenomenon.


The Sombrero galaxy, M104. NGC4594

some 28 million light-years from Earth, glows with the light of hundreds of billions of suns. 

Astronomers estimate there are 100 billion (100,000,000,000) such galaxies in our universe, each harboring billions of stars and  their orbiting planets.  

The astronomical numbers and immense distances involved are all but impossible for our minds to comprehend.   However, it is not to far of a leap to suspect that many of those uncountable planets may be host to intelligent life.


Military aircraft? 

Could some of the reports be from secret military projects?

            B2 Stealth

In recent years we have seen advanced military aircraft that are somewhat triangular in shape such as the B2.  It is possible that some black triangle sightings are secret "unacknowledged" craft being sighted, but many questions still remain:

Why would the government fly them over densely populated areas?

Is our technology this advanced?  Witnesses describe the craft as ultra fast and silent with the ability to hover.

How do we explain the sightings that were reported over fifty years ago?

Could the military have had these advanced triangular craft as early as the 1940's as some reports show? 

          B2 Stealth from below