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              Witness Drawing

UFO  Report  


Date:           9/3/97

Time:           11:10 PM

Location:     Beloit, WI 


Description Of Sighting

I had just returned home and was standing in my driveway to look up at the stars before entering the house.  It was a very clear, moonless night and the stars were very bright.  As I was looking up at constellations in the east, a moving triangular object caught my eye.  I turned and watched as it glided swiftly across the sky in front of me. 

What made it visible were neon-like strips of blue-green light that traced the outer edges of the craft.  I was amazed at how the light wrapped around the pointed nose and the two back corners.  There were also strips of this blue-green light along the side and back.  There were no other lights but these on the craft. The lights glowed dimly and had there been a full moon or bright city lights near by, I doubt that it would have been visible. 

Although I could not make out the details of the objects surface, the fact that the light strips traced the outline of a long triangular object was unmistakable.  The changing perspective of the outline of light as it traversed the night sky was also consistent with a three dimensional object. The night was very quiet and no sound was detectable.  I watched until it went behind a tree that blocked it from view as it continued in a northeastern direction.  This UFO was traveling very fast in a straight line at a low altitude.

Source: Witness Report

Reports were submitted to:

MUFON (Mutual UFO Network)

CUFOS (Center for UFO Studies)

NIDS    (National Institute of Discovery Sciences)

A follow up call was received from the MUFON State Director at the time.  He had received the report via CUFOS in Chicago.  He was interested in the sighting and had no doubt about what was seen.  He related another sighting in northern Wisconsin of an very large triangular craft seen by a man and his wife.  I spoke with him a few weeks later and he had called the nearest air base to inquire if they were flying anything like this that night.  They replied that  they had not and that it was not one of theirs.

The National Institute of Discovery Sciences was very interested in this sighting.  I received a reply email with a request to submit the sighting on their web site report form.  A phone conversation followed with the NIDS intake coordinator.   They were very professional and I was impressed by the well researched reports on unidentified triangular craft that they later released.   The WI sighting is included in the NIDS report on triangular UFOs:  "Low Flying Triangular Objects:  A Safety Hazard".  It is case number 448 and shows up on several of their maps showing the location of triangular craft sightings in the USA.